Week 7: Alien alliance

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These are some of the many aliens that formed an alliance against the doctor, in the latest episode of Doctor Who.

I wanted to try and light them properly, as well as ‘blow out’ the background. However, I have only one flash, and it’s usually on camera, so that didn’t work. In the end I used trickery: I set the shutter speed to 20 seconds, the aperture to 20, and after pressing the shutter button, I’d first manually fire the flash (with the reload button) through a sheet of paper: once from straight above, and once from camera right, and then fire the flash twice against the background from different angles, without the paper. The one from straight above was in an attempt to also blow out the foreground, and the space behind the figures, but that didn’t work, as you can see by the yellow colour directly behind the subjects, which is caused by my regular lamp. Next time I’ll try it without the lamp, and also with the subjects closer to the background, so the light that bounces off the background, can also help blow out the foreground. Curious to see how that turns out :-)