15/365 Autumn in Zuiderpark

14/365 Feathered heads

13/365 Windy tree

12/365 Summer path

11/365 Autumn path

10/365 Silver lining

9/365 Row of t(h)ree(s)

8/365 Red Velvet cake batter

7/365 Wilting flower

6/365 Bearded cyclist

5/365 Up here

4/365 Grasses at sunset

3/365 Plane in clouds

2/365 Little House

1/365 New year, new look. New 365!

West Kirby Marine Lake, Wirral, UK

Lake Windermere, Lake District, UK

Stock Ghyll Force, Ambleside, Cumbria

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria, UK

Aira Force near Ullswater, Cumbria, UK

Lacy’s Caves in Cumbria

Geese and power lines

Photos from summer 2014

Misty morning

A little experiment

Spring 2014 (officially)

Spring 2014

Sunny February

How many days in a year?

Yesterday’s umbrella


New Year’s Light

Autumn in the street

Gold and blue and cotten wool


A photo

A day at the beach

Summer update – August

Summer update

What do you see?

More flowers

Before and after


Black and white and yellow

Blue / High as a kite


Strolling duck

Monochromatic spring



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