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Last Wednesday, Aerosmith played in the Gelredome XS in Arnhem (Netherlands), and… I was there :-)

Professional cameras aren’t allowed into the venue, but regular point-and-shoots are. My friend had brought her Panasonic to shoot some video, and I borrowed it to take some photos. This is the best result I got, not so bad for a point and shoot I think! I’ve uploaded 5 more to my regular blog.

It does sort of make me want to buy a good point-and-shoot too, so I can pick up my old hobby of photographing bands on stage again. I used to do that very regularly with my old film SLR, sometimes negotiating my way into a regular concert, but mostly just practising in smaller clubs, where the bands are still happy anyone wants to take a picture of them.


  • Boy you got that right. Not bad at all. But it also takes the eye of someone like you to get the composition and timing on the shot. I am curious about the nice clean background. Normally the background for rock concerts is as noisy as the band. Great job as always.

  • Thanks, Scott :-)
    The nice clean background is because he’s on a catwalk that runs from center stage into the audience. Behind him would have been seated areas in the distance, but due to only 7000 tickets being sold (capacity of the venue is 34,000), those areas were covered, and no light was directed to it.

    I’ve just updated my regular blog post with a video of the first song of the concert, where you can get a good view of the catwalk situation :-)

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