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One week since the last photo, but I haven’t even started an ‘official’ 52 project yet. I’ve just noticed a big difference between doing a 365, and well, not doing a 365. With a project that requires you to upload a photo every day, you just take a bunch of photos, pick the best one, and that’s all you have. But now that I’m not obligated to post a photo at all, I find that I’m much more picky. I took lots of photos this week, but somehow I don’t easily find one that I think is ‘worth’ it to be posted. I’m not forced to take a photo and make the best of it. Some of the photos I posted during my 365, were taken without any inspiration, but because I felt I *had* to, I kept going, and sometimes found a way to make something out of nothing.

Another thing, which already started the last months before the end of my 365, is that I’m increasingly thinking I need a new camera. Besides the strange red glow on indoors pictures I mentioned earlier, there are a couple more things that annoy me. One is very recent: the battery compartment door is broken (I shouldn’t have battled a kid while holding the camera and drop it on the floor of course! ;-)), so it needs lots of sticky tape around it to keep it closed, which means no change of batteries when I’m not also carrying a role of sticky tape. Another reason is that I find it very difficult sometimes to get it to focus on what I want. In the photo below, it worked: I was about 7 meters away from the kids, zoomed in, focused on the hands, and as you can see that worked. But more often than not, no matter what I try, the camera will focus on things that are behind my subject. This is especially the case when trying to focus on leaves in trees, when there are of course other branches and leaves behind it. The very small screen on the back of the camera means that I only know for sure if it worked well enough, after downloading the photos to my computer.

And then there’s of course the ‘normal’ limitations of this camera: no faster shutter speed than 1/1000, no longer exposure than 15 seconds, and the diafragm only ranges from 2.8 to 8.

So… I figure I need a new camera, but I can’t seem to choose which one would be good for me. I don’t have the money to get a Canon 5D mkII, (and I think it would be overkill for me), and reading Ken Rockwell’s website I think I might prefer a Nikon over a Canon. But that still doesn’t quite narrow things down enough. Too many options, too many differences between cameras, not to mention too many different prices. Oh, and I would like one that has a live-view screen that flips up, so I can take pics of flowers near the ground without having to lie down on my stomach, which is only fun in summer, and not so much in winter or even just after rainfall.

Anyway – before I bore everyone away, here’s a photo I took yesterday, when out cycling with the kids. I’m not sure why I like this photo – there is no real subject, there is no story in it, but I just liked the light and the composition somehow. The story that is not in the photo, is that the kids were collecting all these little velcro like balls and make them into big ones, all stuck together. For no reason at all. You know, like kids tend to do :-)


  • Your post seems to sum up everything I am thinking also right now. I do take a bunch of shots and then look at the one that fits the day I have had. I do need a new camera, I do want a 5D MKII and I cannot afford a new camera.

    Sometimes though, a picture doesn’t need to have a story behind it. The story is told within the picture. Here I see: Sun, Fun, Company, Spring, The Outdoors and Fresh Air… do I need to continue?

    Well Done on actually posting an image after a #project365 too, I can only imagine how “out of the normal” it must feel.

  • It does feel ‘out of the normal’ indeed, but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s also very relaxing to be able to just go to bed when you see it’s past midnight, without the “oops, still have to post a photo” thought spoiling the idea :-)

    Just wondering – why are you saying you need a new camera? What’s “wrong” with a Canon EOS 400D?

  • Well, as much as I would also like a 5DmII, I love my current camera and don’t plan to upgrade (well, maybe some lenses?) for quite a while. I have the Canon 450D (which I love! but no pop out screen for you), and I wouldn’t really recommend a Canon with more than 12 mp on the crop sensor. Nikons are a whole other kettle of fish, and I don’t know enough about them, or about your budget to recommend one, but I will say this: the lenses, and your vision, have way more to do with the quality of the final image than the camera body does.

    Sorry, think I was all over the place there, hope some of it makes sense.

  • @Jessica – Yes, it certainly makes sense :-)
    I know the lenses and what I manage to see are way more important than the camera, but the camera is what will make the act of photographing itself something enjoyable or something less enjoyable due to missing options that could have been had on a different camera. Also, I can’t change my vision by spending money on it, my budget pretty much dictates that I won’t be buying really expensive lenses very soon, so all I get to pick and choose is the camera ;-)
    That said, camera and lens are still somewhat of a single entity in my head. Being able to focus quickly and accurately – is that due to the lens, or the camera, or the combination? max shutter speed – just camera, or also lens?
    I have lots of research to do before I decide. Or maybe I’ll just walk into a shop one of these days and just feel brave and buy one.

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