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One of the children’s songs I grew up with, was about an elf called Osemerose, who had to paint the flowers every spring. “Osemerose, Osemerose, he makes the apple blossem blush in the spring … he paints with his spring brush, the cuckoo flowers purple and the buttercups yellow, no flower is forgotten or skipped”. Of course in Dutch it all rhymes and it’s a really cute little song. Anyway, this flower reminds me of that song; all the similar looking flowers that were around this one were yellow, except for this single one, where it seems the painter never finished the job :-)


  • Very pretty flowers. It makes me wonder what happened to poor Osemerose in the middle of a flower. I hope he is okay. Love the store, sounds like a cute and fun song and tradition.

  • Wat grappig dat er meerdere mensen zijn die zulke mooie herinneringen hebben aan het plaatje van Osemerose (en Elfje Twaalfje) Ik heb een cattery en die heeft de naam Osemerose, gewoon om het gevoel van de herinnering levend te houden. (ik heb het originele langspeelplaatje trouwens)

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