Hello again

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Contrary to what the facts may indicate, I haven’t given up on photography just yet ;-)

I also didn’t stop taking photos, I just couldn’t be bothered to pick out the best ones and edit and post them.

And I still can’t.

But… I’ve decided to make it easier to get photos posted here, as I really do want to keep photographing and try to get better at it.

I found that the one thing I’ve always got with me, even when running a 5 minute errand around the corner, is my phone. It’s not a dSLR, but it takes photos. It’s also a lot lighter and smaller than my D5000, and much less hassle to get out for a quick snap of something.

Some people might call it lazy (and maybe it is!), but after taking a photo with it, I can apply a one-click filter that comes close to what I sometimes add with 20 minutes of curves fiddling in PhotoShop.

So, the plan is to get back to regular posting from now on, and I’m starting with some of the photos I took today on my bike ride in the hot summer sun. Yes it’s October, but the weather clearly forgot to check the calendar the last couple of days! :-)





By the way, if you’re on Instagram, you can see all the photos there (I’m locusmeus) – I won’t post each and every one here on the blog.


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