Before and after

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Recently, I posted this image on Streamzoo:


Then, I was “tagged” by someone with the challenge to post a ‘before and after’ photo – the original, and the edited version. Given that I prefer to stick to the square format, I resorted to doing two of these in one, so that with two originals and two edited ones, I’d be back in a square.
I have to say that I wasn’t really aware of how much I edited my photos until I put them side by side. Quite a difference I’d say :-)


This week came another challenge, to upload 3 versions of one image: the original, an edited version, and a black and white.

I chose an image I hadn’t used before, quickly edited it in Snapseed, and then wondered what to do with the black and white one. Below are four versions, in this order: original, edited, black and white, and “dramatic black and white”.
Which one do you prefer?