Week 52: Heswall

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And… here is the last photo of this series!

I first saw photos of the boats near Heswall on Pete Carr’s blog, and planned to visit the place on my next visit to Wirral to try and photograph them myself. But I just never got into that neighbourhood really, until a couple of weeks ago.

It wasn’t quite sunset yet (at 10.30 in the morning), and there wasn’t actually any sun at all really. Just a bunch of clouds waiting to rain. And they did, starting with a drop or two right as we started taking pictures, and full on rain within about 20 minutes.

So, now I know, to get really interesting skies, I just need to wait till it almost rains! ;-)

So, after this 52, what’s next? I don’t know yet. I do have some ideas, but haven’t made up my mind yet. As soon as I do, there will be a blog post about it :-)


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