Week 46: Blossom buds

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I think it’s still early really, but some of the trees in my neighbourhood have already started blossoming. I’m not good at determining the name of the tree they’re on though, so I can’t tell whether they are cherry, apple, pear, or maybe even something completely different.

Most of the trees still look like this:

I know from last year though, that their flowers will be the white/light pink type with lots of petals per flower.

One that I didn’t photograph today (but did two years ago) is in near full bloom already, and then there’s one that’s got a lot of buds still, but also some flowers already:

If anyone can tell me which is which, I’d be grateful :-)


  • I don’t know my blossoms that well, although those look like apple to my untrained eyes. All of ours have pretty much bloomed and gone, sadly. Enjoy yours while they last!

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