Sunset grass

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Colour profiles are doing my head in… At home I’m using Windows, but ‘on the road’ I only have my Macbook to edit my photos. The only program to easily view photos in, is iPhoto. Looks wonderful, great colours. Then I have to import photos into GIMP to edit them, and the first thing GIMP asks me, is whether I want to keep, or convert the colour profile. And it doesn’t matter which one I choose, invariably, the photo when opened in GIMP, shows different colours to the ones I just saw in iPhoto.
And then, no matter how hard I try with levels, curves, colour balance, hues and contrast, I can not get the photo to look the same as the ‘original’.

So, in short, for this photo, please imagine the top part of the sky slightly greener, the bottom part of the sky a little bit bluer (blue-er?), and the red glow on the grass darker and brighter, while the dark silhouettes of the leafy plants are all just dark, instead of having green/blue edges… ;-)

Taken Tuesday evening.


  • Whatever the colors, it still came out very pretty on my screen. The bottom of the sky does look some what blue but I tried to imagine it even more blue. Nice to see more photos from you again.

  • Thanks Scott, it’s easier now that I’m on holiday – plenty of time to take pics and sort and edit them. Next week might be more challenging… :-)

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