Day 320: Valentine’s Day Trickster

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Last Friday, my kids’ school celebrated carnival, and because it was so close to Valentine’s day, they decided to use that as this carnival’s theme. Naturally, my 9yo decided he was not going to be seen as Cupid, or in any other lovey-dovey pink or red outfit, and chose to go as the Trickster.

The Trickster

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Doctor Who or the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Trickster is a black robed baddie, who tricks people into giving him power over their lives, which he in turn uses to create chaos. The Trickster doesn’t have any goal other than simply enable chaos, in any form, anywhere, any time. He’s also faceless. He has no eyes, and no character.

Just in case you have trouble seeing the difference, I’ve added insets here of both – on the left is the original Trickster from the Sarah Jane Adventures, top right is Tiago, having trouble looking serious ;-)

The fact that kids in the Netherlands don’t watch Doctor Who nor the Sarah Jane Adventures, meant that A: I had to make the costume myself, and B: nobody in school would recognise him, so he called himself ‘Death’, instead of the Trickster. The first photo below shows the costume best; big wide hood that covers up most of his face, while the second one (accidentally because of slow shutter speed and him not being able to stick to looking serious) looks most like the actual Trickster.


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