Day 159: Gerbera petals

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I would have preferred a white surface below the petals, but alas, the glass with the flowers was on a brown wooden table when the petals fell. This is exactly where they fell by the way, I didn’t touch or rearrange them. It’s just the heart and some petals of one of the flowers, it seems they got dropped all at once.

Hmm… maybe I should put the glass on a white surface now, and wait for the next flower to drop ;-)

Gerbera petals


  • How inconsiderate of the flower to drop on the wrong colored background!

    I think it looks nice even against the wood, but I think you should put down the white backdrop and then post when the next flower bites the dust.

  • I did that. That very day, I put the glass on 2 sheets of white A4 paper. Now it’s Friday, 5 days later, and about an hour ago I was cleaning, and noticed the flowers are just dying without dropping anything. So I removed the white paper, planning to throw out the flowers soon.

    Guess what? Just now, another flower dropped. On the brown wooden table of course. They have minds! :-)

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