Day 60: Looking out

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So the theme for #ProjectTwime was ‘your space’. When I think of ‘my space’, the first thing I think of, is my desk. Big desk, and I spend lots of time there, and the kids can’t touch it, so it’s my space. But too obvious, a bit boring (and erm.. way too messy to show on Flickr). Then I thought about where I go to find (breathing) space. Outside, wide open field with a view on the river, trees, birds, sheep, and figured I could take two pics, one of my desk (which I contemplated tidying) and one of the open field, and combine them into one. Until I realised I can’t take those two pics both at 18.33 BST.

Now what? Since I couldn’t combine indoor and outdoor space due to time restrictions, I went for the middle ground: the small hallway between the two spaces. I took this pic from the basement steps, looking out to the outdoors. And with a bit of imagination, you can also see steps going up on the right, that’s the passage to my indoor space: home.

Hope I didn’t bend the rules too far ;-)

The sunny outside