Week 26: Windows

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I haven’t taken a single photo all week, so I processed a photo of last week!
Can anyone guess what the title has to do with the photo here? ;-)


  • Although both photos are taken from the same viewpoint, I don’t think that leaf is from this tree :-)

    The tree in the front in this photo is a walnut tree. And although of course the leaves start out small in spring, at this time of year they’re all large green leaves, which have only just started changing to brown here and there. The leaf on the window sill from last week is probably from one of the other trees that are outside the view of this photo, although I couldn’t tell you its name.

    As for the title ‘Windows’: the sun is coming from the left, and the large shade you see on the field, is of the flat that is on the left. The flat isn’t very high though, and over the top of it, the sun also hits the windows of the flat on the right, which reflect the sunlight back onto the field. So the light spots on the field, are ‘windows’, or rather, sunlight reflections from windows :-)

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