White flower

Day 76: Forget Me Not

Day 75: Say cheese

Day 74: Ice cream sunset

Fish & Chips

Reflected sunset

Scaring away the seagulls

Lighthouse, Scheveningen

Lighthouse, Scheveningen

Taking photos on the beach

Surfer on the beach

Surfer & seagulls

Three-master with its sails down

Three-master with full sails

Rainbow cloud



“Hollandse Nieuwe” (Dutch new herrings)

Day 73: Rose

Marguerite Daisy

Canon vs the sun

Day 72: After the rain


Day 71: Cup of tea

Day 70: Connectivity

Day 69: Little spider

Hoverfly (I think?)

Day 68: Butterfly

Day 67: Welcome


Day 66: Poppy Petals

Day 65: Poppy close-up

Day 64: Poppy

Day 63: Red

Day 62: Green light and lines

Day 61: Aunty Ant

Day 60: Looking out

Day 59: The Last of the Dandelions

Day 58: Natural / Artificial

Day 57: Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

Day 56: After a stormy night

Day 55: Webbed

Day 54: From green to orange

Day 53: …meanwhile..

Day 52: Building with colour

Day 51: Apple

Day 50: Up late

Day 49: Industrial sunset

Day 48: Red & Blue

Day 47: 79-PK-NR

Day 46: Spring

Day 45: Animob