This is a blog showing small versions of the photos on FocusMeus.com, so that you can comment if you like, as well as follow updates via the RSS feed. Each photo on this blog links to the large version at FocusMeus.com.

I’ve also done a 365 project, where I uploaded one photo per day, for 365 days in a row. Those photos too, are accompanied by blog posts on this blog, you can recognize them because they have the day number written in front of the title. You can read more about the idea of a 365 project here.

After the 365, came a lazy-ish 52. After that came Instagram, then Streamzoo, and when that shut down, it sort of went downhill, with me posting less and less regularly.

Now, in 2017, after over a year and a half (!) without uploading photos (I did take plenty, just never bothered to upload any), I think it’s time for a new 365. Slightly different premise this time; One photo per day to be picked, edited and uploaded. This should hopefully get rid of my backlog at some point, as well as put me back into shooting and editing mode!

‘The Gear’

For the oldest photos on this site, I used to shoot with a fairly old digital camera (it was brand new when I bought it back in 2004!), a Minolta DiMAGE Z1. It was the only digital camera I had, so all photos on this site from before 22nd April 2010, were taken with that camera[1]. I think it’s a good camera, with a good lens. It allows me to zoom x10, and to use super macro at 4cm. It only has 3.2 MP, but since I’m only shooting for web and not poster size print, that’s not a problem.

22nd April 2010 – June 2016

Then I bought a Nikon D5000. I’m still only shooting for web, but now that I do have a dSLR, it’s nice to have the option to print on poster size. You know, just in case that ever comes up.

June 2016

While I’m still happy with the D5000, especially the flip out screen that enables me to take flower photos without having to lie down in grass or mud, the size and weight started to become cumbersome. I discovered bicycle touring, and my bags are already full with all the stuff I really need, such as tent, sleeping bag, cooking stuff, clothes, etc. Once or twice I did take the dSLR with me, but I felt it was taking up too much space, and also it was too heavy to just hold in my hand or keep in my pocket ‘just in case’ a photo opportunity would happen. So… I bought a small mirrorless camera, an Olympus PEN E-PL6, with a 14-42mm M.Zuiko pancake lens. Fits in my handlebar bag or even in my coat pocket if needed. It also has a flip out screen, although not as versatile as the Nikon. It’ll do though :-)

[1] One or two may be taken with my son’s Canon PowerShot A470, when I forget to charge batteries for my own, but I’ll write that with the photo.

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