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I’ve also done a 365 project, where I uploaded one photo per day, for 365 days in a row. Those photos too, are accompanied by blog posts on this blog, you can recognize them because they have the day number written in front of the title. You can read more about the idea of a 365 project here.

‘The Gear’

Update 22nd April 2010

My new camera as of today, is a Nikon D5000. Any photos posted after this date, are taken with that camera. When/if I use a different camera, I’ll mention that in the blog post.

I used to shoot with a fairly old digital camera (it was brand new when I bought it back in 2004!), a Minolta DiMAGE Z1. It was the only digital camera I had, so all photos on this site from before 22nd April 2010, were taken with that camera[1]. I think it’s a good camera, with a good lens. It allows me to zoom x10, and to use super macro at 4cm. It only has 3.2 MP, but since I’m only shooting for web and not poster size print, that’s not a problem. Some day in the future I might allow myself to buy a proper dSLR, but not quite yet. But now that I have a dSLR, I have to say that I’m happy to have the option to print on poster size.

The lighting I use is two-fold. In the day time and outside, I’ll use nothing more than the big bright ball of fire in the sky (I mean, it’s there freely available, might as well use it) or whatever lights are on in the city, but night time inside the house, I use IKEA light spots. I may be tempted to use a flash once or twice, but that’s so rare, that I’ll write it in the blog post when I do. The IKEA spots are ordinary cheap desk lamps (the red/pink ones, not blue) with energy saving bulbs in them.

[1] One or two may be taken with my son’s Canon PowerShot A470, when I forget to charge batteries for my own, but I’ll write that with the photo.