Day 91: Windows XP

Day 90: Radish

Day 89: Heart

Day 88: Ice cold

Day 87: Dotted Loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata)

Day 86: A passage near Vauxhall tube station, London

Day 85: Windy

Day 84: Lace

Day 83: End of a flower

Day 82: Perlenbacher

Day 81: Colourful

Day 80: Clouds on wood

Day 79: Feather

Day 78: Dewed opium poppy stigma

Odd one(s) out

Ripe stamens & stigma, opium poppy

Stigma & stamens, opium poppy

Stigma, stamens, petals

Dewed white, pink, brown & green

Dewed poppy petal

White opium poppy (papaver somniferum)

A field full of pink and white

Spider line

Day 77: Water lilies

Water lily

Water lily